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Find out which employers are a great fit for you and learn more about opportunities in your industry by completing the free Employer Match Test.

For prospective Engineers, Investment Bankers, Lawyers, Management Consultants and those wanting to work in Technology or in Retail/Consumer Goods (more industries coming soon!)

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How to narrow down employers?

So, you have an idea of what career you’re interested in – exciting! The next step is to decide which employers are the right fit for you.

At CareerProof, we know that the multitude of options can be overwhelming and it can be hard to decide where to launch your career. We’re here to make that process easier for you, so you can focus on smashing those applications.

“I found it was really useful and I even managed to get an offer from one of my recommendations!”.

Nathania, Law

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Our Solution

Find out which employers are the best fit for you by taking our free, five minute Employer Match Test.

Your report will include:

The top five employers that are the best fit for you

Based on your preferences, interests and skills, compiled with insights from industry experts

Key information about graduate employers

Including, but not limited to, unique selling points for each employer and what graduates say about their experience

Your personal profile

Personalised results about the factors most important for you to keep in mind when choosing an employer

Support to unlock your career

The journey doesn’t end with the Employer Match Test! After we send your report to you, we’ll keep you posted about opportunities which align with your unique interests and skills, including relevant internships, job openings and tailored resources all designed to help you find your dream career.

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