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The report was beneficial because I have never thought about careers other than ones involving psychology. Diplomat, Public Relations Officer and Entrepreneur are potential new careers for me to look into.


Definitive, helpful guide that taught me which areas I can improve to further secure my future career.


It’s great to know what I need to work on! The sources provided and the details written were really helpful. Also, Environmental Consultant was a surprising recommended career but it does make sense! I’ll do my best to use the report as a guide.


It gave me career ideas I hadn’t previously considered.


I’d never really considered becoming a research scientist. Before, I’d placed all my aspirations on computer science, so you’ve helped me think outside of that field.


It cleared up a lot of confusion I had around journalism and outlined a lot of steps I can take to get myself ready for university.


I liked how detailed it was and the useful resources to further my understanding.


My path to my future and career is much more clear – it helped me become more organised and look at my future options post graduation.


Thank you so much for personalising my career report. The career options given by the report were very new to me and I never thought I could do something like this. I got to know about Dramatherapy for the first time through this report. I’m going to go and search about all the career options listed for me. Thank you for your support.


There are things stated on the report that made me think on a deeper level, and made me assess my understanding of what I want to do in the future. Overall the career test was a big help for me to plan my steps further ahead.


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