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We’re passionate about using data to help emerging talent to find their dream career.

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The CareerProof Journey

After over a decade supporting teenagers to fulfil their academic ambitions and get into their dream university, here at the CareerProof team we’ve turned our attention to an older cohort – undergraduates and recent graduates.

Using the same principles, we’ve built CareerProof to help bulletproof your career.

Never before has emerging talent like you had so many career options at their feet. The choice can be overwhelming, and there’s also a fear: what if I’m missing out on opportunities I don’t know about?

We’ve built CareerProof to do two things – to give you the most comprehensive, free, career report out there, to show you the careers which are the best fit for your skills and passions. And to follow up with resources and information about jobs tailored just for you.

Our Leadership Team

Jamie Dear

Jamie Dear


Over the past 15 years, Jamie has founded and run ventures designed to give students the edge for their futures, including Oxford Scholastica, a King’s Award-winning educational company and OxFizz, a social enterprise which raised over £1m for good causes.

Sophie Dear

Sophie Dear


Sophie studied Medicine at Oxford University before becoming a Consultant doctor. She founded Psyched Up For Medical School, a programme offering work experience for psychiatry-aspiring pupils. Her passion lies in leveraging data for enhancing quality.

Lavinia Abell

Lavinia Abell


Lavinia studied Classics at Jesus College, University of Cambridge. She leads OxBright, an education company offering academic online courses and internships for teenagers from around the world, and is a Governor at the Stephen Perse School in Cambridge.

Jo Cruse

Jo Cruse


Jo, previously a teacher and university admissions advisor at a top UK school, has extensive experience in education and leadership as a consultant to a number of different companies. She is also a member of the Founders4Schools Educational Impact Council.

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Our Values

Our actions are shaped by our Worldview, which sees this era as the greatest to be alive, despite the challenges young people face like exam stress and social media comparison-culture.

We empower undergraduates and recent graduates to embrace the positive changes in the world, rather than feeling constrained by them.

We believe in:

Active Thinking

We believe we should all have a bias towards agency of thought and action. This approach brings the potential for great possibilities and greater fulfilment, unencumbered by the expectations of others.


We believe a greater purpose exists than purely fulfilling our own needs. We believe agency should be channelled in a positive way for the benefit of others, and that by coming together as a community more things are possible.

Long-term Thinking

We believe that when you prepare and think for the long-term, you achieve more for yourself and for others.

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