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We Get It: It’s Hard

Whether you’re a student focusing on lectures, seminars and finals (not to mention Wednesday’s sports social!), or a young professional busy working long hours, it feels impossible to raise your sights and think for the long term.

We’re here to help and make it easier – at CareerProof, we think it’s crucial that you find time to look up from your lecture notes and day job to think about the future.

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Our Solution

That’s why we’ve created a free Career Test for you to complete – it only takes five minutes to fill in (we promise!).

You’ll receive a 30 page personalised Career Report, based on your unique skills and interests, which includes:

The top ten careers that are the best fit for you

Based on your interests, experiences and expertise, plus data from thousands of previous people who have taken the Career Test

An analysis of where you stand compared to others

Based on responses from thousands in your position

Personalised advice on how to succeed

Based on the decade we’ve spent supporting people like you to build successful careers

Support to unlock your career

The journey doesn’t end with the Career Test! After we send your report to you, we’ll keep you posted about real-world opportunities which align with your unique interests and skills, including relevant internships, job openings and tailored resources all designed to help you find your dream career.

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